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We've started this blog as a way of sharing the experiences that we have had in setting up hundreds of parties since we started in January 2017. We have also noticed what makes a party work, so we'd love to share some of those experiences and learning with you - so you can have the best slumber party possible. For this first post, I'd like to explain how and why I started Away With The Pixies. I have three children, and I chose to be a stay-at-home mother whilst they were little, before school. In 2017 my youngest started school, so I had a decision to make. Do I stay as a stay-at-home mother, do I get back into the workforce, or do I dare to dream of starting my own business.

I am naturally a very creative person, I love redecorating my house on an almost monthly basis. I love a good design and I decided I'd try and turn that into a business. So I looked around and saw a business overseas doing themed slumber parties (now there are a lot, but late 2016 when I started researching there were not very many and none in my area). I asked my husband to build the frames and I went and created some designs, got all the accessories and built a website and facebook page. Its been a wild journey from there. Until next time...

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